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Our Pastor

Dr. Matthew A. Davis has served as the Pastor of New Beginning Church in Houston, Texas since September 7, 2004. He graduated from Mississippi Delta College and San Jacinto College with Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Electronics and Instrumentation. He obtained his certification in Biblical Teaching from the College of Biblical Studies. Pastor Davis was also awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Encourager College and Seminary of India. He received his Master of Arts Degree (Christian Education) from Houston Graduate School of Theology. Pastor Davis earned his Doctorate of Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University. His studies of consecration included Spiritual Enrichment, Community Development, Cultural Diversity, and Economic Empowerment.


In 1995, Pastor Davis began his lifelong endeavor of “Turning Hearts toward God.” He is the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Turning Hearts Ministries, Inc and Dads of Faith. These organizations impact communities through father/child bonding, evangelism, discipleship, music, drama, and technology community development. The ministries focus on ministering in private homes, convalescent homes, homeless shelters, educational institutions, prisons, and internationally establishments. His experiences include mentoring young men and counseling families to promote educational development and to combat the deterioration of the family.

As an avenue to reach the world for Jesus the Christ, Sharing the Gospel, the workbook written by Pastor Davis, has been presented in several translations:   Czech, English, Luhya, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, French, and


Hindi. This book is an evangelism and discipleship training tool that has been utilized in and throughout the United States, Brazil, and Czech Republic. Pastor Davis is the father of two daughters, Megan and Macey. He proudly shares the ministries’ responsibilities with his wife, Carolyn, whose musical gifts keep the youth and music ministries afloat.

Dr. Matthew A. Davis has been led by God to build a sanctuary that reminds everyone of God’s saving grace. He praises God and gives Him all the glory in allowing Him to build a sanctuary in the shape of a cross. The symbol of the cross during biblical days represented suffering, shame, humiliation, accurse, and murder. However, because Jesus was crucified on the cross, the cross is recognized as a symbol of honor, victory, and salvation. Since January of 2008, Pastor Davis has delivered messages “within” the cross that have caused men to run to the cross. The cross is seen upon arriving on the property. As airplanes, helicopters, and drones fly over the building, they notice the shape of the cross and individuals are reminded of God’s amazing grace and how Jesus gave His life to redeem the fallen world. Thus, the membership of the New Beginning Church has adopted the slogan: "Come to the Cross and Experience a New Beginning”. At the New Beginning Church, they are, “Reaching Souls by Lifting Jesus” (John 12:32).

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